Unit 7: Novel (Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck)

Complete all of the activities outlined below before starting the Unit 7 Novel Essay Assignment and the Unit 7 Of Mice and Men Exam

Unit Outcome

A novel or non-fiction work is a longer work of fiction with an extended plot development. Being able to read a longer work is a task that good readers are able to do. Reading the extended text gives you the ability to analyze and interpret a longer work.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend the book's background. 
  • Describe how author's life, location and times influenced his writing. 
  • Comprehend the relationships and roles of the characters within the novel.  
  • Comprehend the plot development of the book. 
  • Apply new vocabulary to the reading of the book. 
  • Describe the symbols in the book. 
  • Describe the use of foreshadowing in the book. 
  • Describe the major themes of the book.

Please use the Novel Learning Guide for the following activities.

7.1 Pre-Reading Activity

7.2 Author Background

7.3 Characters

  • Read about the "Characters In The Novel" on pages 4-5 of the Novel Learning Guide.
  • Complete the "Reflection" question on page 4 of the Novel Learning Guide.

7.4 Plot

  • Before you read Chapter 1 on the novel, any new vocabulary words you encounter should be defined for their meaning. It is suggested that you keep a personal dictionary of the new words for each chapter.
  • Complete all the questions for the novel on pages 6-8 of the Novel Learning Guide. These will help you understand the plot, characters and themes. It will also help you complete the novel quiz and the final novel assignment. Check your answers with the key

7.5 Symbols, Foreshadowing & Theme

  • Read about "Symbols" beginning on page 9 of your Novel Learning Guide.
  • Write a paragraph that expresses your views of one of the following symbols of the novel:
    • Candy's dog
    • The rabbits
    • The hay
    • Curley and his wife
      • How does the symbol strengthen the plot of the novel? 
  • Read about "Foreshadowing" on page 10 in the Novel Learning Guide.
  • Read about "Theme" on page 10 of the Novel Learning Guide.
  • Watch the following video: Symbols

Unit 7 Assignment

  • Complete the Unit 7 Novel Essay Assignment and submit it to your instructor.

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Unit 7 Exam

  • Having completed the Unit 7 assignment and activities, complete the Unit 7 Mice and Men Exam.

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